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Hot Dog Stands

What is it that makes hot dogs so tempting to buy at a stand? Perhaps it’s the scent of a sizzling dog and knowing the service is even faster than some hamburger place. Of course, finding your favorite cart isn’t always easy, unless you have the vendor’s routine memorized. Well, instead of searching for your usual hot dog cart that goes trailing up and down the street, my frequent stop is a shaded stand that is not on wheels, residing right next to a Home Depot. The little stand ranks at the high end of temptation, offering Polish, Italian, and even hot links that pop as you bite into them, yet remain juicy on the inside.

Though some people feel deterred at eating at stands, the familiarity of the various links’ names should settle whatever uneasiness that is possibly felt. The steaming and succulent links sitting between fresh and fluffy buns are just the right combination. And the price is really hard to beat. For under five bucks, you can have your choice of dog, drink, and a bag of chips.

For a little stand, their assortment of hot dogs and sausages are impressive. If the Italian dog is your favorite, this stand offers a flavorful one with a hint of fennel. Their Polish dog is also tasty with a faint indication of sweetness. Of course, there is also the ever-favorite plain hot dog, but who wants plain when meaty chili and cheese is roughly $1 extra. Offering more than just dogs on a bun, the stand also has churros, donuts, nachos, pretzels, as well as a few other items.

Although the stand may not have a name, it is easy to find. Just look for the green awnings attached to the Home Depot and you’re there. The servers are friendly, and unless you go on a day when the hardware store is busy, there shouldn’t be a long line.

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