Iguana's super carnitas burrito


In downtown San Jose, there are plenty of eateries to choose from, no matter what kind of food people are in the mood for. On the same street, I found two taquerias within 4 houses of each other, but only one of them is the home of the largest burrito in the city, state, possibly even the country.

Like many downtown establishments in San Jose, Iguana’s is set up in one of those old-fashioned Victorian homes. On first glance, people may not realize that the place is a restaurant, until they glance at the big sign with a green iguana’s face plastered on the front. Although I am not sure why the restaurant is named after a reptile, it goes without saying that this little place certainly knows how to draw in the crowd.

Iguana's carnitas plate
Iguana’s carnitas plate

Not only does Iguana’s offer inexpensive Latino food, like plates of carnitas, but it also serves up other creations like nacho fries and “Cheap Thrills” like the salsa dogs (corndogs with Mexican flare). Their deals on burritos aren’t bad either, ranging from $3.50 – $7.50, depending on the size and ingredients. Unless of course you order the daunting burritozilla, that is bound to cost you a whopping $18 for a 5-pound burrito. But, considering this burrito can easily feed at least 3 people, the price is worth it.

Most people don’t buy the burritozilla to share, though. No, no, no. This monstrosity of a burrito was meant to be eaten alone, to challenge anyone who feels confident enough to finish such a meal. Luckily, the burrito is actually tasty, which makes the meal worth having. Chunky salsa, fluffy rice, flavorful beans, and moist al pastor pork makes it much easier to put down this big boy of a burrito. The carnitas are a tad dry, but still flavorful.

Some people may have already seen clips of people eating the burritozilla on the Man vs Food show. This challenge is taken on by many big-eaters, which are probably not too hard to find since it is located near the San Jose State campus.

With such prices and being so close to SJSU, the place is bound to call in a crowd of customers. I recommend getting to Iguana’s before 6:00pm if you want to find parking and avoid the crowd in downtown San Jose. However, if the crowd does not deter you, then sticking around for a big group is always welcome at Iguana’s.

With two rooms for sitting, and an open microphone, Iguana’s is a great hangout for a good meal and live entertainment. And, if you are lucky enough to witness someone ordering and attempting to eat the burritozilla, your meal out just got that much more interesting.

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