Bo Meets Girl – stories about a baby and her dog

Bo Meets Girl | a story of a baby and her dog

BO MEETS GIRL is a story about the relationship between a dog and a baby, told from their points of view. Bo struggles to come to terms with the newborn being center of attention. The baby is fascinated by the giant stuffed toy that is always out of reach.

Bo Meets Girl

Mom and Dad love their newborn and their fur baby, but there are learning curves to parenthood. The new parents slowly learn that parenting a baby is a bit different than owning a dog. While the family learn to balance their new dynamic, Bo and baby learn to respect each other. It isn’t sharing parents, but baby is willing. Will Bo forgive the baby for stealing all the attention?

What Readers Are Saying

See what beta readers have said about “Bo Meets Girl.”

I was tearing up and smiling the whole time. So true. Despite the disregard, all they want to continue to do is love and protect. Sweet Bo. – Olga, beta reader

Oh, what a wonderful way to show what Bo must be thinking and feeling. And the likes of Bo is why we can call a dog ‘a man’s best friend!’ I’ve heard before others tell similar situations, where a dog was once in the center of a couple’s lives then that little stranger comes into the family and dogs like Bo must reasonably take second place. Now Bo has become a real watch dog of his pack.– Vkahleranderson, beta reader

Aww what a cute story! I sometimes wish I can get into pets minds as well as my daughters! – txjessy, beta reader

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