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Surviving Las Vegas

Bright lights, party music, and tumbling drunks on the sidewalk of modern civilization can be a cold splash of water to the face after viewing the relaxing, heart-stopping plunge into the wilderness.

What I saw at the Four Corners

A sweet scent of bread, fried food, and smoke from a grill wafting in the air. I followed my nose to the nearest stand. My stomach was getting that burning, grumbling; if I didn’t eat soon, the rest of my day would be ruined from nauseous hunger.

Guest Blog | Why I Love Small Towns

Read my guest post on My Daily Journal: “Sitting in a coffee shop, nibbling the delicate sweetness of a scone as I inhale the aroma of nutty coffees and floral teas, I smile with relaxation. Lounging near my hubby, loving the simplicity of just relaxing together in a local coffee shop, watching the passers through the large windows as they head to one of our probable destinations – bookstore, wine tasting, restaurant, kitchen shop.”