What I saw at the Four Corners

Stop #9 – Four Corners

Our last, full day of sightseeing started around 10:30 am from Tomahawk Lodge. We were only 40 minutes from the Four Corners Monument in Navajo Nation. Though I was excited to finally go to the Four Corners, I was even more excited to visit Navajo Nation. Filled with anticipation at the thought that I was visiting a part of my homeland that most of us Americans are far removed from – the natives’ land.

Parking in the lot and entering a structure that resembled a small arena, I tried to take in the scene before me.

Navajo venders surrounded the monumental location, encircling me with their handmade jewelry of turquoise and silver, intricate wood carvings of nick knacks and staffs, as well as t-shirts. And, of course, there was food – my favorite type of souvenir.

A sweet scent of bread, fried food, and smoke from a grill wafting in the air. I followed my nose to the nearest stand. My stomach was getting that burning, grumbling; if I didn’t eat soon, the rest of my day would be ruined from nauseous hunger.

We had fry bread with honey to wet our pallets – I wanted to try the bread first. Then we had a fry bread burger with all the usual fixins (tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mustard). The fry bread was a delicately delicious substitution for a bun. I’ve had few other burgers that were as good as that – simplistic, but juicy and pleasantly outside of the box. The fry bread was tender and airy with a light chew. It was great sweetened plain or wrapping a juicy hamburger patty. I only wish my full stomach had had room to try the fry bread taco, too.

We did the typical stance on the plaque that claims I’m standing in four different states – New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. The skeptical side of me wonders, is this really where the border lines are drawn? In THIS exact spot? Or is it roughly in this area?

Don’t answer my question. I don’t think I want to know…

Having circled within the entire square, I can at least feel satisfied in saying that I did visit 4 different states at about the same time.

When we took our couple’s pictures in the center of the square, we made our rounds with the stalls of merchandise and selected a few items. I opted for a Navajo Nation shirt to go with my growing cross country collection (say that 10 times fast).

Plaques with Four Corner history surrounded the monument.

As we drove away to our next location, I was saddened by some of the scenes we passed – broken fences with stray cows crossing the highway; torn and blown tires along the side of the road; and just so much bare land. This was the outskirts of Navajo Nation?


  1. vkahleranderson says:

    Oh, reading your travel blogs makes me so very hungry for traveling! Sigh. For sure I can say I want to make a stop at the Four Corners. 🙂

    1. I miss traveling across the country. It was a tiring trip, but I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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