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Surviving Las Vegas

Bright lights, party music, and tumbling drunks on the sidewalk of modern civilization can be a cold splash of water to the face after viewing the relaxing, heart-stopping plunge into the wilderness.

What I saw at the Four Corners

A sweet scent of bread, fried food, and smoke from a grill wafting in the air. I followed my nose to the nearest stand. My stomach was getting that burning, grumbling; if I didn’t eat soon, the rest of my day would be ruined from nauseous hunger.

Things to Do in New Orleans

When we stepped out of the car, I could feel the liveliness in the pavement beneath my feet and the air I was breathing in. It was warm, sunny, and humid when we first arrived. I’m sure the sounds of distant music and the scent of Louisiana cuisine in the air contributed to this immediate atmospheric shift. I felt transported, and I loved it.