Worm Hole cake donut and jalapeno, salted key lime icing

Psycho Donuts

If you didn’t know there was a special day of the year to celebrate those sweet confections that are so perfectly round with a hole in the center, then you’ve been missing out on an important day to spoil your sweet tooth. On June 1st, we celebrate National Donut Day, and the mad doctors at Psycho Donuts have done it again!

We’ve seen the sushi donuts, the hamburger and the French fried shaped donuts, but the premier of bug donuts will not only astound, but scare the customers. Okay, hopefully, they won’t scare anyone away. The donuts are just supposed to look like bugs are sitting atop them. However, these particular donuts should taste like no other donut you’ve ever had.

Chirp and Derp chocolate donut with bacon bits
Chirp and dirt chocolate donut

Don’t let the edible insects bug you; the flavors for these donuts are delectable! The Chirp Derp is a chocolate cake donut with chipotle and pumpkin, and a sprinkling of bacon bits, not to mention the bacon cheddar crickets. Or, try the Worm Hole with a tequila-spiked cake donut and jalapeno, salted key lime icing and a Mexican spice larvette. Bugs never tasted so sweet!

Clearly, there are no bounds to flavor combinations or shapes that come out of the imaginations of the Psycho Donuts’ creators. Of course, the other great thing about donuts is that they’re cheap even when they’re exotic in taste and form. I recommend keeping up with The Psycho Buzz if you want to stay well-informed on upcoming Psycho Donuts events.

So, if you’re looking to make National Donut Day like no other, I recommend trying something very new and a little psychotic on June 1st.

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