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Sunfish Poke Restaurant Review

I have heard perfectly fresh sushi described as an orgasmic experience in one’s mouth. Sweet, tender, and melt-in-your-mouth fish is what sushi should always be. For those of us who love it and can’t get enough of it, our cravings for more leave us driving to the next sushi spot, just to get our weekly fix. Sushi lovers’ obsession with raw fish has since evolved into an obsession with poke bowls – an assortment of raw fishes, mingled with various sauces atop a bed of rice, salad or noodles. Sunfish Poke Bar has become a regular for my sushi fix, and I have so many reasons why.

poke bowl, raw fish, edamame, crab, salmon, red onion, seaweed
Edamame, seaweed and crab salad with masago in a poke bowl

For starters, the price isn’t that bad. Sushi itself does not make for a cheap meal, but having the mixture turned into a bowl actually makes for a reasonably priced lunch – $10.50 and $12. There are other options, like the poke maki hand rolls, that make for a nice snack and are even cheaper, but I’m too enamored with the bowl to settle for the roll.

I also like that I’m in control of my bowl. I choose 3-4

proteins, my base, my veggies, and the sauces (I recommend mixing two if you can’t choose one – Sriracha aioli and sesame miso make a tangy spicy combo). Their sauces are full of flavor and coat the salad fully. However, for those who like their experience more saucy, you can always get extra sauces on the side. And, if you like it a little dryer, the added dry toppings soak up a bit of that extra liquid.

Lastly, I don’t feel guilty about what I’m eating when I go to Sunfish. Fish itself is low-cal, especially when it’s raw. And, when I have mine on a bed of lettuce, I’m creating one of the most salivating-worthy salads I know of. Yes, I’m sure there’s sodium packed into the sauces, but let’s not ruin my dream of a near-perfect lunch with that small detail.

sunfish bowl mixed
The perfect bite of poke

Admittedly, the bowl can’t always be perfect. Every server is different. On my lucky days, I get larger scoops of fish (Woohoo!). And then on my not-so-lucky days, I get stingy, smaller scoops (Boo!). But, I can still console myself with the complimentary, packed scoop of crab salad on top.

Needless to say, more times than not, I am very happy with my guilt-free, mostly healthy, well-priced meal. So much so, I usually lick my lips in satisfaction at the last bite and wonder when my next date with Sunfish will be.

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