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Social Media for Authors

Everything lives online. Even if you’re old school and want to write your stories with an old fashioned type writer, your profile still needs to be available online. One of the best ways to build an online profile is by creating social media profiles.

Learn social media for your author branding.

Some of the best integrated methods for author branding is by choosing social media platforms and creating an account on them. Every niche has an appropriate social media platform. For authors, there are specific networks that work best.

Social Media Profiles for Authors

  • Goodreads: book-focused platform with author profiles, book reviews, and groups
  • Facebook: one of the most versatile and popular social media platforms, which includes author-focused groups and pages
  • Twitter: a newsfeed stream with a large writing community (#writingcommunity)
  • Instagram: image-based platform with a massive bookstagram community (#bookstagram)
  • LinkedIn: platform for businesses, companies, and professionals
  • Pinterest: image-based platform with writing tips and inspiring pictures

These are some of the most popular social media platforms to network (and my own haunts, where you can find me roaming). They can do really well with building your writing profile. However, each one has its own benefits for authors to suit different tastes and needs.

Don’t Use EVERY Network

If you tried to cover all social networks it would drive you crazy. The time invested in each platform will burn you out. Not to mention, you won’t have time to do what you really love — write.

Just pick a couple of platforms that interest you. If you’re new to the game, test a handful of networks and see which you like.

Then, work on being social. Talk to people with similar interests, see what they’re talking about, comment, interact, and share a little about yourself. Believe it or not, commenting on others’ posts is more important than posting about yourself. (This is a strategy I go over thoroughly in my How to Gain REAL Followers guide)

What to Share

What would you share with your new online community? Although I recommend that every published or aspiring author has a website (see Why Authors Need a Website), writers have options.

  • Blog: If you’re a writer, this part shouldn’t be too hard. You can make it like a public journal to discuss your latest writings; maybe even share snippets of your work. Just don’t publish any part of a book that you hope to publish with a publisher.
  • Writing Difficulties: Ask the writing community questions. Get their opinions on decisions you’re trying to make (i.e. 1st POV or 2nd? What tropes do you love or hate?).
  • Book Reviews: Bookstagrammers take photos of books and share opinions/reviews of the books. They can have huge followings. Just make it relevant to your own writing; i.e. share what you’re currently reading within your genre and ask what others think.
  • Comment on Others Posts: I go over this more in my guide, How to Gain REAL Social Media Followers, but basically you need to remember to comment on other people’s posts.

Fear of Social Media

As an introvert, I understand the fear that comes along with talking to strangers and making small talk. Social media isn’t like that, though. If you find the right followers, you can have meaningful conversations with your network that will give you so much back.

Get feedback on work, learn what your readers want, get support from fellow writers, and grow fans.

The best part is that you do all your socializing behind the safety of a screen. As a writer, you have the time to think of what you want to write in a post or response. For me, that’s the part I love about writing over talking. I don’t have to worry about people talking over me or walking away because I took too long to respond.

Build a Community, Build Fans

Along with building followers who you can discuss writing and publishing gripes with, you will also build fans online. When you build fans, you inevitably make readers who will want to buy your books.

Isn’t that the main goal? To find people who will read your work?

So, don’t shy away from social media. The water may seem cold at first, but if you dip your toes in slowly, you’ll warm up to more followers and have more conversations online than you do face-to-face.

Just give it a try. You don’t know what you’re missing until you do. And remember, not every social media platform is the same. If one doesn’t work out, try another. There are plenty to choose from.

It’s also a highly satisfying feeling when you have ownership of your own material and own a live site that the world can see.

Gain Real Followers for Real Results

How to Gain Real Social Media Followers with Amelia’s guide

Having a hundreds of thousands of followers looks great, but it isn’t all that helpful to your brand if those countless followers don’t like, comment, or follow the links you share.

I have developed tactics simple tactics to grow a following of of people who are REAL followers — people who follow you because they’re interested in what you post and will buy your products.

Read my guide REAL Social Media Followers for real results with your brand.

Ask Amelia!

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