Moving Fluff | Chapter 2

– Baby –


Life is made of hugs, kisses, and milk

Sweet smiles, bad breath, and diaper changes at will

And then,

Panting face, slobbery kisses, and nose with a chill

Oohs and awes whispered in my ear

Songs, stories, and hums filled with cheer

But what is that panting I hear?

Pink plush, squeaky toys, and rubber binkies

Colors of rainbows, butterflies and flowers fill my room

And then, I saw it

Black and white moving fluff loom

Pointing ears and curled tail

Blue eyes and long furry face

Grassy, salty scent unveiled

Fluffy beauty and warmth disappear without trace

Moving doll to hold and snuggle

Fast. Too quick to catch

If only my hands could grab him and cuddle

Afar he sits. And I just watch


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