Bo Meets Baby | Chapter 1

– Bo –

When my parents first brought Baby into our dwelling, Mom cradled this tiny human that smelled like a mix of my parents. Only, she smelled much sweeter. Like the syrup and butter Mom and Dad would slather on waffles or pancakes Saturday mornings. It was an irresistible scent that took all of my will power to restrain from licking her face when Dad said, “No.” I quickly learned that her tiny toes were not off limits, so I got my fix there.

I knew Baby was connected to them somehow. And she was important. Above all, she was IMPORTANT. Mom and Dad hovered over her day and night. And, if Baby was connected to my parents and important to them, she was connected and important to me. So, I followed their lead at a respectful distance.

When Baby came home, I thought she was blind. I figured that was why Mom and Dad were so protective of this small, sleepy, screaming, attention-hogging, sweet-smelling mini version of my parents.

I stayed at Mom’s feet during feedings and waited patiently while our little one whaled for no reason. The tension in the room was thick on those sleepless nights when Dad paced through the hall and bedrooms of our apartment with Baby crying in his arms.  But, I loyally trailed behind Dad while he walked Baby back and forth. Back and forth.

I thought this was all there was. I accepted that Baby would become the focal point of our attention. The treasure that we all guarded and cared for. And then it happened.

Weeks had gone by and I thought she couldn’t see me. She cried at Mom and Dad, but she never made noises at me. She never reached to pet me like everyone else did. She never even seemed to notice when I licked her sweet feet or sniffed the top of her head. And then, one day, her once-blurred eyes looked straight at me. She didn’t make a sound or reach for me. But, she’s been staring at me ever since. Her dark eyes and fuzzy head turning and following me as I go from one end of a room to another. An unreadable stare from such small eyes.

I had accepted our new life with this little being that’s constantly carried around. I didn’t know she would evolve.

Should I be happy? Or should I be worried?


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  1. Amelia,
    I already know I am going to love this adorable story. Can’t wait to read the remaining chapters.

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