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Meet Keith C. Blackmore | A Successful Indie Author

Meet Keith

Get ready for an unforgettable author interview with an established, paranormal, horror author. Meet Keith Blackmore – author of the Mountain Man series, Breeds series, 131 Days series, as well as many more stand-alone novels, including Heroic Fantasy and Horror stories. 

In addition, Blackmore is considering dabbling in the Weird Western and Space Opera genres. He’s even planning a plain old fiction story or two, just so people won’t think he’s a freak.

He currently lives in Newfoundland, Canada. His work has been produced into audiobook format and optioned for film.



AMA: What did you want to be when you were growing up? When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Was there a defining moment that made you realize that this is what you wanted to do?

Keith C. Blackmore is a paranormal, indie author

KCB: Actually wanted to be a movie director—but I couldn’t find a university in Canada that offered a program. So, I opted for Plan B, which was to be a writer, but couldn’t find a creative writing course… and when I did, I’d already paid for my BA. As for defining moment, an old buddy of mine told me if I stopped writing, he’d beat me up. And Mark outweighed me significantly at the time so…. (shrugs).

Writing Inspiration

AMA: What inspires you as a writer? How do you usually get inspired to write a particular story? Do you have to be happy, sad, asleep?

KCB: Mostly reading and watching movies. If I get a good idea which I think hasn’t been done yet, or an interesting concept, that’ll usually be enough to get me working on a story. Music is there as well, of course. Soundtracks are big.

AMA: What book(s) are you currently reading?

KCB: Just finished “Origin” by Dan Brown. Starting “Ready Player One.”

AMA: Do you have any projects currently in the works that you are willing to reveal to us?

KCB: Working on the next installment of “Mountain Man.” There were a couple of threads at the end of MM4 “Well Fed” that could have been developed or not. I was burnt out on zombies there for a while. Folks really seemed to enjoy “Mountain Man: Prequel,” however, and I had a lot of fun doing that one, so I thought I’d give it another shot. After MM 5, I’m going to get back to the “131 Days” series (heroic fantasy).

Independent Publishing

AMA: What do you enjoy most about independent publishing?

KCB: Being independent, mostly.

AMA: What do you dislike most about indie publishing?

Mountain Man series by Keith C. Blackmore

KCB: Right now, I dislike the constant need to advertise. I’m essentially an 80’s writer living and working in the 2010’s. I feel that if a person likes what you read, they will naturally seek out the rest of your titles. However, these days, you have to advertise to some degree. You have to learn marketing and devote a percentage of your day to it.

AMA: How has your life changed since you started publishing?

KCB: Well, the hours are better. It hasn’t changed too much except, you are operating a business. There’s a little more stress involved while being self-employed. A little more fear. You must keep producing, while, at the same time, keep it fun and interesting…. Just to avoid creative burnout.

How to Publish Successfully

AMA: What advice would you give to writers struggling to get published the first time?

KCB: Self-publish when you are ready—and put out your best work. Don’t worry about submitting to publishers unless you can’t afford to self-publish). If you self-publish and you sell… and sell a lot… publishers will come knocking on your door, wondering what you’re developing next….

Also, if you do self-publish, don’t give up the day job until the money tells you you can—and even then, be very careful about leaving the day job. It’s feast or famine in this business, so you must budget wisely and be aware of financial planning.

Write when you can. Polish. Develop new ideas and keep them in a folder for the future. Keep a notepad in your car because you never know when ideas will strike. Keep writing, polishing. Read, write, polish, publish, and repeat. Use an editor. Hire one. Don’t trust yourself to do it. Don’t trust an editing program or spell check.

Same with covers—get a professional cover designer or, if you want original art, an artist. People do judge books by the cover. I can’t offer any insight into advertising, as I’m struggling to learn that one myself, but there’s plenty of material out there if you search for it. Try to start, and look for the Writer’s Café.

And enjoy what you do…. If you enjoy the telling, that will flow through to your readers.

The Writing Process

AMA: What is your favorite book or series you’ve written so far? Which one(s) were the most fun?

KCB: Probably “Isosceles Moon” as there’s a lot of potential there. Trouble is, the series isn’t really selling.

AMA: What is your process for writing a novel? Do you first write a scene or create the character? Do you get feedback from anyone while you write?

KCB: I get an opening scene in mind and go from there; I don’t plot extensively. I have a few mental check points I try to reach, but nothing on paper. Usually I create the character as I go along, but sometimes I get a pretty good picture of the person, and just continually develop from there. I used to get feedback from folks, but nowadays, I kinda know what works and what doesn’t…usually.

Learn More about Blackmore!

To learn more about Blackmore and his work, explore his website: And check out the many thrilling books he has to offer. If you’re looking for an adventure to get your heart racing, you need look no further than Blackmore.

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    I very much enjoyed the interview! I also loved his recommendations on not giving up your day job and the keeping a notepad in your car or nearby so you can easily write down new thoughts and ideas. I think many of us, (yes, I am one of them!), believe that being a writer is somehow romantic and easy and obviously that is not usually the case. Good luck to Mr. Blackmore in his future writing and publishing. 🙂

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