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Writing is a lot like cooking; they give that extra flavor that makes a reader salivate for more. A writing checklist would be your cookbook for reference.

Too many details can bog down the reading, just like too many spices mixed together and you can’t taste a single one. 

Just enough details that get spread and sprinkled evenly throughout a story can bring the fiction to life and envelope a reader’s senses. Details are how we write better fiction. 

Details Make Better Fiction

In my many years of writing, I’ve learned that it is difficult to remember EVERY little detail I want to include with my characters, setting, theme, and so on. It’s important to practice and track ways to write better fiction with a specific use of details. This is why I came up with the Detail Checklist. I use this Detail Checklist monitor myself and make sure my readers can visualize the images I’m describing.

Writing tips to improve fiction writing and hook readers
The devil is in the details.

In the Detail Checklist, I go over five key elements about details: Characterization, Setting, Symbolism, Dialogue, and the Senses.
I explain why each of these elements are so important and what role they play for your story and your readers.

Once you understand the importance of each element, using the Detail Checklist is so simple it becomes second-nature to reference.

FREE Detail Checklist

Use a simple method to keep track of your details and keep your writing interesting.

With nearly three decades studying literature and practicing writing, I have compiled a tried and true method of including details in your writing. It’s so simple, but it’s so impactful.

Change your writing from blah to beautiful!

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Even after reading and rereading your own work, all writers still have that slap-the-forehead moment when you realize you forgot to include certain details. We always want to write better fiction, give our characters more depth, our settings more visualization, our scenes more symbolism. The only way this happens is with well-balanced description. 

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