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Sushi Omakase Restaurant Review

I know a restaurant is good when I’ve gone multiple times before posting the review I’d intended on the first of five visits. I honestly don’t know why Sushi Omakase – Japanese Grill and Sake Bar – doesn’t have more stars on Yelp. Maybe it’s because it’s slightly on the trendy side, or maybe it’s not located in the right area to be appreciated more. However, stars or not, that sushi bar and grill gets packed every time I go – even in the middle of the week.

I first fell for their house salad. A tangy, mildly sweet dressing with good acidity. Best I’ve had in a while at a Japanese restaurant. I actually ate all my greens, which included some slightly pickled and peeled cucumbers that accompany many of the other dishes.

Then we had the garlic edamame – a steaming plate, of spicy and sweet pods. This was a real treat, especially when I compare them to the plain boiled and often cold cup I’ve received at so many other restaurants (which I have still enjoyed).

For another appetizer, my eyes were unavoidably drawn to the Heart Attack -tempura fried jalapeños stuffed with shrimp, cream cheese, and fish. The fish was slightly dry, but the whole combination was awfully tasty with that sweet and spicy party in my mouth crunching away. I would order that again, for sure.

Then we come to my favorite dish, which I have ordered several times, despite the intimidating size – poke nachos. The freshness of cilantro balances with crispy wanton chips. A light spice from sriracha mayo and jalapeño slices dance on my tongue while cooling from avocado. The ginger plays a subtle, but vital roll in the mix, as well.

If I’m sounding poetic, I can’t help it. That’s what these nachos make my tongue feel – inspired to sing!

There’s also the Moriawase – a 16-piece sashimi dish with spicy squid and seaweed salad. Thin, melt in your mouth fish with that spicy and tangy squid mixture.

Loved it!

We also opted for a healthier roll, just to experiment. The P90X Roll – no rice, packed with fresh cilantro, delicate salmon and crab. Not bad. Not great, but a nice option for those avoiding carbs and rice.

The teriyaki salmon in a bento box was well seasoned, but a tad dry outside. However, I can still taste that tender zucchini and broccoli. And, as a California roll aficionado from childhood, I can attest that this one has become one of my favorites.

The Omakase spicy rice is a must try, and perhaps a staple if you crave more heat. The sriracha gave a nice kick that made a great compliment to dishes requiring more fire on the tongue.

I’m not usually tempted by dessert after such dinners, but Omakase offers some tantalizing sweets that I had to sample.

I’m familiar with chocolate covered cheesecake at fairs, but Tempura cheesecake? This was creamy inside balanced with crisp batter outside. Highly enjoyable, even for non-cheesecake fans.

Then there was the Key Lime – a tangy sweet mixture with a creamy center. Particularly enjoyable after fish.

The berry dessert (can’t remember the name) was also a nice palette cleanser – the yogurt gelato was foamy and light while the sauce was sweet. But, the frozen berries were tart and an unnecessary addition.

With so many dishes to impress me, it’s obvious why Sushi Omakase has become a regular stop for me.


  1. Not only does your description of the food sound amazingly delicious but the pictures are awfully enticing!

    1. Thank you! I’m happy to entice your taste buds!

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