I Just Knew | a Poem

To the man my lonely heart searched for so desperately. From my dreams of romance to my prayers of finding a soulmate, he is my muse in the flesh.

Happy Dativersary, Hubby!

I Just Knew

My heart finally relaxed when I met you.

I was healing a wound I didn’t know was scarred over.

And I just knew.

My soul sighed when it found you.

A happy love song played in my head, drowning out the broken-hearted records.

And I knew.

My body thrilled when I first kissed you.

The words “This One” repeated in my head. I’d found the home I was looking for.

That’s how I knew.

My child within was revived with you.

We laughed at stupid jokes, shared fears and hopes. I was no longer afraid to be myself.

That’s when I knew.

My confidence was found because of you.

Awkward and fragile was no longer my name. Your mirror showed me a stronger person.

And I just knew.

My love scared me because of you.

Naysayers and timing poked holes. But, I couldn’t deny what you and I were discovering.

We just knew.

My search was over when I looked at you.

There were no words to describe the numbing knowledge of what was standing in front of me. 

I just knew.

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  1. vkahleranderson says:

    Oh, my, goodness…how you made my heart and spirit feel what you felt! Your words are a testimony that true love still can be found. Congratulations on your find, and on your continued happiness. Blessings and happiness to both of you!! 🙂

    1. THANK YOU!!! My heart has to be inspired to write poetry, and he still inspires me 🙂

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