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Top 3 Reasons to Love Dim Sum

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Dear Dim Sum

How do I express my love for such sweet and savory little bites of love? Let me count the ways..

1) Small Bites – Dim Sum reminds me of appetizers, which I find way more exciting than entrees because you can sample multiple plates instead of one big dish. (I’m also indecisive, so selecting several plates is just easier for me).

2) Sharing – Each plate is meant to be shared, and with each order, the table spreads love. Sharing is caring, right?

3) Sweet and Savory – One of my favorite combinations is sugar and salt. Popcorn and M&Ms are a great combo, so is a chocolate bar with hot Cheetos, or salt lightly sprinkled on top of a cookie… Dim sum offers sweet dumplings alongside savory dumplings, giving me the best of that sweet, salty world.

table of dim sum dishes
Left to right – fried intestines, shrimp bonnets (aka hargow), shumai (steamed pork), pork buns, fried shrimp balls, steamed mushroom rolls

Yes, I have an infatuation with dim sum. Since I was a little girl, I get excited with the clanging of the carts circling our table, stretching my neck to see if my favorite custard tart is being wheeled around, squirming in my seat with anticipation as a plate of small delectables are brought to the table to share.

Each little steamed, baked, fried dumpling or roll reminds me of individually wrapped presents that are so delightful I get as excited as a kid on her birthday. From sweet barbecue pork in shiny sticky buns to fried and flaky balls stuffed with minced shrimp, steamed rolls of mushrooms doused in soy sauce, to dumplings full of sweet taro or sesame paste.

Though I love dim sum, I should stress that not all places do it well. I’ve had bland and dry shumai (steamed pork and mushrooms) at buffets, or gone to restaurants that don’t offer custard buns (my favorite!). But, at Asian Pearl my cravings are more than satisfied. My stomach is usually threatening to pop the button of my jeans by the time I’m done eating.


There are WAY too many dishes to list, and I admit that I am still trying new ones each visit. The latest was fried intestines, ordered by a friend of mine. Don’t scoff, it was actually flavorful, topped with jalapenos, giving a flaming bite with the crispy exterior to the chewy inner texture. Not bad. Worth trying, anyway.

When I was younger, I was told that dim sum loosely meant – point to your heart’s desire. That’s not exactly accurate, but the sentimentality of the whole experience still resonates with me.

And, what I desire is another trip to Asian Pearl.

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  1. You certainly make them sound enticing. Next time they’re on the menu I’ll have to opt for them, rather than avoid them.

    I think it’s the word ‘dumpling’ that put usually me off. In our family menu, that means suety, and I’ve never liked suet recipes.

    1. That’s kinda funny. And I understand what you mean. But yes, you should definitely try some dumplings. They come in all assortments – sweet, savory, differing meats, etc.

  2. I, too, am a HUGE fan of dim sum, and this just makes me drool with hunger and desire! As for the intestines, well, I’ve never had it but I would most certainly give it a try. Thank you for sharing enticing pictures that give this dreamy article a boost. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! I’ve developed a reputation with my love of dim sum now; my coworkers always assume I’m joining them for a trip to Asian Pearl, and if anyone else has unwanted leftovers, they’re often offered to me 🙂

      1. LOL! I’d love to have that kind of reputation, taking the leftover goodies home. Yum!

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