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Improve your author branding with Amelia’s Writing Workshop. I provide advice and services on subscription to create compelling content that encourages more book sales and engages readers. With my tactics, I have increased profiles’ followers up to 75%. I can do the same for you.

Aspiring and published authors, need to market themselves to gain more readers and sell more books. Whether you need to hire a copywriter to do the work for you, or get tips to grow your online presence, Amelia’s Writing Workshop is the place to improve your author branding.

Copywriting is NOT like writing books.

Just as writers need editors, they also need a copywriter for marketing. If you want to gain more lucrative results with your writing, then you need to market yourself with a professional copywriter who can write emails, newsletters, blogs, press releases, sales pages, etc.

Do you want to improve the content on your website? I know how to create timeless blogs and articles that continually bring in new customers.

Are you utilizing social media correctly or are you struggling to grow your audience? I’ve established and grown followers on various social media platforms from 15-75%.

Have your sales emails been getting opened or are readers ignoring your sale pitches? I create CTAs and subject lines that increase open and click-through rates.

If you’re an author (aspiring or published) who wants to market themselves and improve their online presence, we should chat.

Mary Glaspole is an author who gives her testimonial about Amelia’s Writing Workshop services.

How Can the Writing Workshop Help YOU?

I have researched and edited website content for over a decade. With my experience, I have improved reader engagement because I know how to write better emails for improved open rates with properly placed CTAs (calls to action).

Let me show you how to utilize smart engagement tactics to start and grow your social media platforms. Or, I can manage your social media accounts for you – I have over ten years of experience as a social media manger, too.

The Writing Workshop

Ameliorate Your Branding Process

Just like any writing workshop, improving your copy is a process. My goal is to represent my client’s voice, and my method involves meeting your expectations while adjusting the ever-changing trends and expectations that comes with content marketing. It’s a process that I enjoy.

If you need a copy writer, then see my About page for writing services and see how we can improve all of your content – websites, social media posts, articles, blogs, etc.

If you’re looking to improve your branding on your own, then subscribe to Amelia’s Writing Workshop newsletter and start building your online profile. With my help, you can gain a community of readers and improve your writing.

Whether you’re a publishing house or a writer, you NEED readers.

Readers are customers for your business.

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Ask Amelia for Help

I want to help you with your online profile and success. You can improve your presence and content with a professional copywriter.

Book Reviews and Author Interviews will get authors loyal readers. So, contact me for better branding practices.

Note: Audiobooks take precedence for now.

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How to Gain Real Social Media Followers with Amelia’s guide
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A business needs a website and a social media presence to talk to people and gain more subscribers. How to Gain REAL Social Media Followers will improve your engagement on your social platforms and website.

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