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Amelia Marina Albanese

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It doesn’t matter how small your business, you can improve your brand’s message and sales with compelling content writing that engages readers. All you need is professional copywriting to create and market that content.

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Can you imagine having regularly published content that is fresh and SEO worthy? This would drive more traffic to your website and boost your page closer to the top of Google’s searches where larger businesses usually sit.

Do you want to improve your email open rates? I can craft well-written CTAS in your email campaigns to earn more web visitors, more subscriptions, and more sales.

Copywriting Projects

No matter what size your business is, it needs to look and sound professional to earn customers. Appearance is everything when it comes to online branding. If you want to be professional, then a copywriter will take your business to the next level.

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In college, I studied English, earning a BA in the field. Since then, I have written and edited copy for numerous industries, including marketing, because I have a knack for being flexible. Writing for small businesses is enjoyable because there’s nothing more satisfying than helping them grow and become established. I have broken down technical jargon for various industries (i.e. technical, construction, financial). My strength is creating copy that is comprehensible to the masses.

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My passions are in publishing, as well as the food and travel industry. But, I have a wide array of interests and I’m always interested in learning about new subjects. 

Biographies, newsletters, interviews, blogs, reviews, and social networking are all part of the ever-changing suit that copywriting and freelancing have dressed me in. Good thing I’m comfortable in all of it. See my portfolio for a better scope of my experience.

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If you want your business to be taken seriously, you need to appear professional. You need professional copywriting to make customers take you seriously. Tell me how I can help you.