Beta Reader and Editor

Amelia is a book editor and beta reader for hire.

Amelia Marina Albanese

Get a Professional Outside Opinion

Every good writer knows they must edit before they publish. But, too many writers forget they need an outsider to look over their work – someone unbiased, who has fresh eyes on your work. Every writer, professional or amateur, needs a beta reader and editor to polish their work. You need an outsider’s perspective to let you know if your book’s content is ready for the masses.

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Two Facts about writing:

Writers cannot edit their own work sufficiently.

Writers cannot give their own work an unbiased opinion.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are two different ways to correct your work. You tell me how much input you need and I will comply. If you only want a grammar and typo check, I will solely make marks to proofread, leaving the alterations to you. If you want suggestions and corrections on your mistakes, then I can edit your work. Let me know how much or how little help you want.

Proofreading — Let me mark those nasty typos and make your manuscript free of mistakes. The only “Oh no!” moments your readers should have is when your plot delivers its twists or surprise ending.

Editing — Clean up your grammar and typos that you may overlook repeatedly. You don’t need to worry about paragraph structure, subject-verb agreement, or run-on sentences. Let me take care of that. You just worry about your plot and characterization.

Beta Reading

After all is written and done, you still need a second or third opinion on your completed novel. Did your book follow the expected genre tropes? Are your characters believable? Is the plot creative or convoluted?

As the writer and creator, you can’t answer those questions honestly. You have the perfect story in your head where everything looks perfectly clear. The question is — did you transfer those ideas clearly on paper?

Let me be your beta reader. I will help you get ready for publication.

Amelia’s Credentials

I have a degree in literature and creative writing. My experience includes editing for numerous industries outside of publishing. I have an interest in learning about different subjects, in addition, this experience makes me a well-rounded editor and proofreader for varying genres.

Working for an online eBook store, I have plenty of inside knowledge of the publishing industry to share. I have reviewed novels for both mainstream and independent authors. I enjoy editing for a variety of genres:

  • fantasy
  • memoirs
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • contemporary
  • literary  
  • YA
  • Adult

Ask Amelia

I know how to communicate with authors and readers because I am both a creative writer and a reader. With me, you get a beta reader and editor who is sensitive to your feelings because I’m also a writer in my spare time. I know your book is your baby, so I will be gentle, yet honest to help you raise the best version of your book. Your dreams to succeed are my dreams.

Let me help you create the strongest and cleanest version of your work.

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